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Forum Rally!!


<t>whats best for you?</t>  

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  1. 1. whats best for you?

    • 15th August
    • 29th August

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As some of you know I havent got anything booked yet due to been so busy with other things and not been able to find a venue

I have now found a venue but a lot of the dates are now taken

there is the weekends of the 15th august and 29th august available

although on the 29th they have a local band booked and are having like a christmas do early but we are welcome to join in

any thought guys?

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Woo! Double birthday Rally :bday: Do we have someone on the forum who was born on the 16th so we have a hat trick?

This'll be the first time in years I've actually had friends around while I celebrate :lol:

Everyone vote 15th!

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Where abouts in this wonderful land is it anyway?

Can I clarify my choice to the sunny one please? ;-)


its in Tewkesbury

its not as central as usual but its the only place we could find :)

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OMG your nearly over my end of the country :D lol i will try for either you decide on but I am not sure what I will be doing till then so i cant commit.


rideout leader :wink:

:lol: :lol:

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I'm the one mug who voted for 29th, either is actually fine as I never have plans at any time of the year, but 28th is Payday. Then I read the thread and realised I should have voted 15th.

Tewkesbury is 80miles, IF you decide to take the motorway. If you don't, it's, um, 50!

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323 miles for me, if I get my licence done by then maybe I could make it :lol:

If not (need to wait till the middle of July for mod1)... nearly 10 hours avoiding motorways on a 125 which is falling apart - no thanks! :lol:

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