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Super Dream or Super Nightmare?

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I picked up a CB250N Honda Super-dream at the start of the year, with the intention of making it into a summer commuter bike. Here is my progress so far;

Bike details;

I bought the bike of eBay, unseen. It ran okay (ish) but was difficult to start and had been basically sat since 1984. The bike has all the original paperwork which indicates it was bought new from Honda, riden for 10,000 miles, then stored/sold/stored/sold until 2019.


After cleaning and dismantling, I found a few issues...

  • The petrol tank was completely rusted through, more cheese grater at this point.
  • The wiring was almost all black wires. Fault finding was going to be hard.
  • The underside had never been cleaned.
  • The carbs were blocked with rusty tank.
  • The fuel lines were very brittle.
  • The rubber gaskets connecting the carb to the engine were split.


So naturally the first thing I did was make a new seat!


But then it was time for the real work...New Tank, fixed the electrics, new smaller Lit battery, new carb gasket connectors (these were expensive!!!), new fuel line and filter, new wiring, painted the forks, added fork dust protectors, painted the headlight, and a very deep clean!


I've been struggling with time on this project due to house moves, weddings, and work (story of our lives??) but this is how it sits today;


It looks close to being finished, but I still need too;

  • Fix the front brake (i'm hoping a fluid change and bubble tap will solve this).
  • Fit an exhaust muffler.
  • Fit the licence plate + reflectors.
  • New headlight bulbs.
  • Wrap the exhaust.


I've also made a video series which has fallen behind due to time - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxQPGalV3hGyQeXhTlimW-w

Let me know your thoughts.

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Great work so far :thumb: I had a 250N super dream years ago, used to use it for the daily work commute, it was a good bike and never let me down once, TBH I never looked after it that well either, it was a pretty neglected hack.

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Mine was very neglected and I fell off it lots. Still have at least one scar from it. To be fair it wasn't the bike's fault, the rider was absolutely rubbish and didn't have a clue. Despite all the abuse I sold it as a runner in 1979 so it was obviously a fundamentally sound bike.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Its really nice talking to people who used to ride these bikes.

I've heard some wild stories from total strangers about their Superdream memories :D

Exhaust has finally been ordered, so hopefully a running video to follow.

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To be honest I've always preferred the looks of the earlier T model . My mate had one as a first bike just like this back in the late 70's . None of this CBT nonsense back then .


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