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Challenge 2023 - Map and Pictures ONLY


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So  @oldgrump smashed it last year, but not to take the shine off his glorious victory too much - the rest of you were pretty poor. I reckon you can all do better this year. 


Remind me what I need to do…..

1. Go to this thread and grab yourself a unique number: 

2. Check the map here to find out where you need to go (hopefully one of these at least works for you)



3. Take a picture of you or your bike outside the location with your number in sight (if you forget your number making one out of twigs or leaves is perfectly acceptable and encouraged)

4. Post that picture in this thread (this one right here!)

5. Update your point total (found in your profile). @rennie will shout at you repeatedly if you do not do this. 

6. Have fun!


General tags. As before there are FIFTEEN tags per mainland UK region PLUS bonus rounds in the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Northern Ireland (IOM and IOW are on the fourth or fifth roll over and are very sad no one has gone to visit them)


By special request the three AA Sentry Boxes that @oldgrump didn’t get last year have been rolled over to this year. HOWEVER there is no additional bonus for getting these three (just your standard 10 points per box). Of course he might find more in which case I am obliged to give him points and add these to the list for the rest of you to find.


So, 10 points per tag as usual with the 50 point bonus for completed regions/bonus rounds (these are clearly separated into colour groups on the map). There will be a spreadsheet of doom again that I use to keep track (badly) of the scores. As always you can challenge my counting and I will probably make sarcastic comments before going and doing it properly  


So as the regular players will know we have a bonus round, and this year I awoke in the middle of the night with a frankly genius idea so *drum roll* This is year we are doing NAUGHTY PLACE NAMES!  Villages, streets, a misguided local attraction – whether it’s Bell End, Shitterton or Back Passage, go find us some silly signs to make us all delight in the fact that we are all just big kids who like zooming around the country on motorbikes.


Pub Round – Whilst I have no actual proof, I think you all enjoyed the vague theme of colours last year so this year we’re taking a zoological approach with... ANIMAL PUBS! – if you need adjudication then as always you can ask in the discussion thread NOT HERE! 


So please get me one pub from each of the below categories (and 50 point bonus when you have got all 10)


1.      Dog (10 points for a pub with “dog” in, a special 10 bonus points for a specific breed)

2.      Feline (cats, cougars, jaguars - go nuts  however lions and leopards are NOT accepted in this category because the next one is….)

3.      Big Five – as per the Safari Code (or something) any one of the following: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant or buffalo.

4.      Fish (sea mammals will not be allowed so don’t argue with me over dolphins)

5.      Insects (this might be tricky, but that is mainly your problem and not mine because it was quite late when I was thinking of these and I was mainly drinking wine whilst crying over finding NI Tags)

6.      Equine (horses, donkeys and asses)

7.      Birds (flies and lays eggs. No bats people!)

8.      Rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, voles etc)

9.      Mythical Beast (Unicorns, Phoenix, minotaur dig out your books on myths and legends and find me some good ones)

10.  Animal Wildcard – You may find an additional pub from one of the previous categories or you can please me by finding the most random animal pub you can. Hoggs bonus points (not redeemable for tag points) are available for my favourites.



As always this thread is for PICTURES ONLY. If you want to tell me how awesome I am then you can do so here 


Last year we had a SHOCK with @CB999 stealing the first tag from @JRH (he was miffed) so who will get literally no extra points but the first 10 which count as just those (but possibly slightly sweeter) 10 points, no one knows! But lets find out as to the surprise of EVERYONE I have managed to pull this off again. Oh and yeah, it's cafe heavy because they are easy to find on good roads and have big ole signs out front and frankly you all love the excuse to eat loads of cakes and blame me so it's a burden I'll carry. Also there might be one of two we did a few years back but I make the rules and I said it was allowed so yay.


GO!! GO!! GO!!


Edited by Stu to include GPX for sat nav use 


Challenge 100.gpx

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Pub #1 Start with greyhound +10 for named breed (dog)


Edited by JRH
Add tag number
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Pub #2 leopard (big 5)


pub #3 horse (black) (equine)

pub #4 unicorn (mythical)







Edited by JRH
Illegal pub
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Pub - Dog (1) - Dog Inn



Pub - Equine (6) - Horse and Jockey

Pub - Big Five (3) - Red Lion

West Midlands - Byrkley Park Garden Centre

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Naughty Place Names #1 - Backside Lane




Naughty Place Names #2 - Minge Lane




Naughty Place Names #3 - Wyre Piddle



Naughty Place Names #4 - North Piddle, no village sign post for some reason!




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Pubs #02, Category 8, Rodents - Squirrel




Pubs #03, Category 7, Birds - Pheasant




Pubs #04, Category 9, Mythical Beasts - Unicorn



Pubs #05, Category 6, Equine - Horse



Pubs #06, Category 1, Dogs - Pug, plus the generous @Hoggs bonus of 10



Pubs #07, Category 4, Fish - Cuttle




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  • 2 weeks later...
51 minutes ago, Pie man said:

Hang on a minute..........are driving around with just one glove on 🤔😂😂

Yep! One glove on one hand and the one other glove on the other hand - Comes in handy like!

Need to work on getting the focus right though....

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1= Dog - Fox and Hounds!



3= Big 5 - Lion






10 = other random animal! 




Edited by Tigs
Putting all the pubs in one place :)
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lets try and keep this thread for pics please!

Discussion/chat in the other thread if you'd be so kind!


Even if I move them all it just becomes confusing :classic_biggrin:

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West Midlands #1 - Caffine & Machine




West Midlands #2 - Cotswold Cafe



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Naughty Place Names #05 - Knob Hill



Naughty Place Names #06 - Willey



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Pub #5 white Swan (bird)

West Midlands #1 Caffeine and Machine

West Midlands #2 Cotswold CafeE342BFEC-0001-4C2A-9D5D-78FF3503AA1D.thumb.jpeg.66f8a1bd9bc196617829406ffebd4e41.jpeg



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Naughty Place Names #07 - Butt Hill




Naughty Place Names #08 - Butt Lane




Naughty Place Names #09 - Fanny's Fancies Bakery



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  • Rude Place Name #2 - Cockburn St.


  • Rude Place Name #3 - Menlove Ave


  • Rude Place Name #4 - Cockshead Rd


  • Rude Place Name #5 - Lickers Lane


  • Rude Place Name #6 - Two Butt Lane


  • Rude Place Name #7 - Ogle Close


  • Rude Place Name #8 -  Slag Lane


  • Rude Place Name #9 - Knob Hall Lane


  • Rude Place Name #10 - Cockle Dick's Lane


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Naughty Place Names #10 - Haseley Knob.




Naughty Place Names #11 - Dicks Lane



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