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Rally check in 2018


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Thanks to all that made it possible and to those that turned up

Little soggy all weekend but its part of the fun :lol:

Little pitstop in Wales at the min 8-)

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We're home, shopped and the entire contents of the car is now where our living room floor used to be!

We know the girls got home, they threw a load in the car and we dropped it off on our way back so we've seen them at home too.

Thank you all for another fab fun weekend

Thank you Stu, Tracey, Sue and Rennie for organising and running.

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How wet did everyone get on the way home then?*

We had a few spots on the way to Wales then about 40 miles away it was a few heavy showers but not really enough for waterproofs!

Nice view from our hotel for two nights




*those in car need not reply!

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If you came you'd know who we all are 😛


...and the scars will stay with you forever :lol:

(Cue pic of Meagwatt in 2013)


You ain’t seen nuffin yet.

Also home safe been in since 2:30. Wasn’t too wet at all though, however the satnav took me on some grim farmers roads - I had to risk riding through a miniature lake at one point in the road. Had no idea how deep it was.

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Thanks for an enjoyable Saturday evening and special thanks to Tango who helped me with my tent. Venue was nice - only gripe was there could have been more in the way of ablutions......but I suppose the rain took care of that. Waited until rain had died away in the morning before packing up and a nice ride back on damp-ish roads. Not too sure about the "fancy dress" - some of them looked like reasonable grounds for a sectioning! Others, were, shall we say, merely disturbing (yes, I'm thinking of you, Freddie!).

But a good (if somewhat damp) time was had and it was nice to meet people in the flesh.



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ok Gog's pics, I apologise if I've got any wrong/missed anyone out :?

Pic1 Roy (Yorbandit)

Pic5 Iain (Throttled), Littlecat,OhJay

Pic6 Glorian

Pic10 Gog

Pic11 Susieque

Pic12 Donny Brasco +1

Pic13 Bonniebird and Tango

Pic14 OhJay

Pic15 Mrs Gog and Cat

Pic 16 Steve ( East Anglian Biker)

Pic 18 Me (rennie) and Murray

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