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Challenge 2019 - Registration & Scores


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Roll Up Roll Up!

You asked for it, you're getting it, this year is a Hoggs take over! Where will I make you go? Who knows! ...not even me at this point....

Anyway sign up here, as usual please pick a unique number of 3 digits or less, first come first served. This did say it has to be different but they're all different places so sod it! However if someone else nabs your number tough.

The list of awesome will be posted up on the evening of the 31st but entries will not be accepted before the 1st.

You will be required to take a picture of you in bike gear / your bike in front of the location and post in the relevant picture thread to score points.

You will get 10 points per picture and if you complete a region you will get a bonus of 50 points (oohs and ahhs).

Scores will be updated here weekly (ish).

Now previous years we have had a few toys out the pram moments for forgetting your number so this year there is the HOGGS IS SO LOVELY I CAN'T BELIEVE IT get out of jail free card. As a ONE time offer for the duration of the competition if you forget your number you can still score half (5) points on ONE picture, if you take a picture of yourself touching your nose in front of the location. Once you have used your bonus it will be noted in the scores and you cannot use it again. Also preempting the inevitable if I have my number and am touching my nose do I get 15 points question, No. No you do not. Stop being greedy.

map link https://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=68894 which is where pictures will also go!

As usual no prizes for the most points other than being smug on the internet.


Grumpy Old Git - 1

Charlie 580 - 3

Rantmachine- 04

Stu - 5

Goat - 6

smallfrowne - 7

Paul Kent - 11

Beansie - 12

xmachina- 13

Glorian - 14

Throttled Jr -17

Hoggs- 20

Rennie - 24

Mickly - 35

JesterPilgrim - 40

Mikestrivens - 42

Mike Smith - 47

Oldgrump - 48

Throttled - 52

wiggy- 53

Tango - 61

gogs01 - 71

markhibberd5 - 75

bonio - 77

fullscreenaging- 81

SometimesSansEngine - 82

S-Westerly - 88

JRH - 99

Onesea - 101

Stocky - 112

Magpie84 - 115

BabyD - 123

asterion446 - 125

Westbeef - 130

Slowlycatchymonkey - 143

Jacobyte - 144

RigsVille - 154

whitedevil - 241

Narp - 598

Kermit - 600

Six30 - 630

Mr Fro - 636

Bonniebird - 790

CB999 - 900

Richard 1985 - 985

Igloo - 999

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BabyD 820

Stocky 530

GoG 455

Oldgrump 360

JRH 350

xMachina 300

Mickly 170

SlowlyCatchyMonkey 150

S Westerly 90

gogs01 90

Paul Kent 80

Richard 1985 70

CB999 60

Fullscreenaging 30

Magpie - 30

Charlie_580 30

sometimesanengine 30

JesterPilgrim 30

Tango 20

BonnieBird 20

Smallfrowne 20

Jacobyte - 20

Hoggs 10

Glorian 10

**Update** 13/05

Sorry Stocky - I found BabyD's "missing" tags which catapults him into a quite epic lead - but catchable!! Also congrats to Jacobyte for his first tags!!

**Update** 10/05

Right you lot you can stop your moaning *looks at BabyD* :lol: I have updated the scores!! Great pictures from everyone (well... nearly everyone *coughMicklycough* And Charlie580 I gave you 10 points for your racetrack because I imagined how annoyed you were about missing all the others and it made me laugh and give you sympathy points. Stocky and Oldgrump are the big movers and shakers with Stocky actually snatching the lead! Can anyone catch him!? Who knows! Tune in next time I can be bothered to update the scores to find out!!

**Update** 25/03

Well it's been a busy month with S Westerly, Magpiw, Richard1985, CB999, BabyD and myself getting on the scoreboard! Oh and Glorian but he only sent the picture to me not posted it here because he is useless.

BabyD has been a biker possessed and catapulted themselves up the leaderboard stopping just behind GoG - looks like it might be a Battle Royale between those two for the title of Challenger Tagger 2019!!

**Update** 28/02

End of the second month and we have some new additions to our scoreboard!

Extra 30 points for Stocky! GoG having far too much time on his hands racks up another impressive haul and stretches out his lead pretty impressively! JRH also without work getting in the way grabs another few and puts him in joint 3rd.

xMachina gets on board the challenge train and rockets up to 4th currently!

Charlie_580 makes me happy I took time out to do some Northern Ireland tags and gets 20 points and a round of applause!!!

gogs01 FIRST TAG EVER FOR HIM!! Well done sir, you can have a bonus applause too!! And then got the bug and got a second, nice.

Couple of extra tags for JesterPilgrim and slowlycatchymonkey (rocking that snowsuit!!) shows off getting a huge haul and now tying in 3rd!

Mickly seems to be playing on "extreme" and actually scoffing in the face of some easy next door dealerships points! Gets a solid haul never the less! Oldgrump another new addition to the scoreboard! had a top day for it, those pictures made me rather jealous I wasn't out!

**update** 18/02

And we’re off! As usual JRH gets the first tag of the year – although to be fair he has only told me this 8 times so far. PaulKent was not far behind and surged into the lead with a whopping pub haul and bonus regional tag. Stocky also leapt into action grabbing a dealer and 8 pubs propelling him to the top of the leaderboard! The cold start to the year wasn’t enough to put off Slowlycatchymonkey who managed to somehow fit her bike in the pictures despite the fact it’s 8’ wide. Tango and Bonniebird managed to not only get some tags but also bullied... I mean… “coerced” a biker they met to join the forum. You don’t get any bonus points for that but you can have a round of applause. GoG gets to enjoy finding tags rather then planning this year and has got off to a storming start! Pubs! Regional Tags! Dealers! AND a bonus 5 points for a Ducati staff member!! Top stuff! JesterPilgrim also off the marks with a raceway! First of those, no bonus points but you also get a round of applause! Fullscreenaging not only got some tags but also has a great sign! Again applause gained for that!!

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Different to last year was stated :shock:


Bugger - missed that, means getting another number laminated, if I put my finger on my nose and ask nicely could that rule be tweaked?

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Sod it they're all different places. I've amended the original post (and said I have so Rae doesn't look like he's going mad). It's about getting out and having fun above anything else :mrgreen:

No reservations though!! first come first served :twisted:

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Thanks [mention]Hoggs[/mention] for taking this on and a massive thanks to [mention]Grumpy Old Git[/mention] for all the previous ones you have done :thumb: hoggs has some huge boots to fill :lol:

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Thank to [mention]Hoggs[/mention]

99 for me please (same as last year, recycling the number so thinking of the environment )

Thanks to [mention]Grumpy Old Git[/mention] and [mention]Throttled[/mention] for the previous years.

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Thank's [mention]Hoggs[/mention] for taken this on, can I have 48 this year.

And thanks to [mention]Grumpy Old Git[/mention] for last few years, and [mention]Throttled[/mention] for scoring.

And [mention]Hoggs[/mention] good luck on your task :cheers:

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Thank to @Hoggs

99 for me please (same as last year, recycling the number so thinking of the environment )

Thanks to @Grumpy Old Git and @Throttled for the previous years.





Extract from @hoggs post after a late edit.

"This did say it has to be different but they're all different places so sod it! However if someone else nabs your number tough."

:up: :D

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