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New hypernakeds


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Ducati V4 streetfighter, naked kawasaki zh2 supercharged Z1000 thing, general release mv brutale 1000, all with 200+ bhp. The mv will be properly launched in a couple of weeks




The new Streetfighter V4 is powered by a 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale engine. In this configuration the 90° V4 delivers ,750 rpm, an unrivalled power level within the naked segment, perfectly in keeping with the all-out character of the new Streetfighter V4.

Maximum torque is ,500 rpm, practically unchanged with respect to the Panigale V4. Dedicated engine mapping lets riders safely make the most of Streetfighter V4 performance on the road.

The final ratio, shorter than that of the Panigale V4, delivers a wheel torque higher of +10%, which ensures an immediate response to the throttle command.

The engine can be boosted to 220bhp with an Akrapovic exhaust, which also reduces weight by 6kg to 172 [201kg wet]

A good week for naked fans.

Kawasaki zh2

Maximum power

147.1 kW {200 PS} / 11,000 rpm

CO2 emission

148 g/km

Maximum torque

137 N•m {14 kgf•m} / 8,500 rpm






This is the LE Serie oro that's already out, and sold out, and even more extortionate than the general release will be.


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The hook line should be something like:

"Guaranteed to make your neck ache"


Well it won't be from the wind!

Not when the front end will be always in the air :lol:

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Bloody expensive for just hooning around!


as maybe .. but don`t judge others disposable income by yours.


My disposable income is doing very nicely thank you but it's still a lot of money for a toy and there's other things I personally prefer to spend my money on - toys or otherwise.

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Are MV Agusta the only manufacturer able to make nice looking exhausts now?


Apparently yes, one thing that I think spoils the looks of my bike, and looks even worse on this streetfighter V4 as they don’t have a fairing to blend in with is the exhaust, still I won’t be replacing mine, I’m not paying £2k plus for a set of end cans!.

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I've yet to see any manufacturer make a naked bike that has an attractive front end, the headlight cowl/instrument cluster on them is always grim.

That Kawasaki will weight 40kg more than the rest?


I mean, the mv is gorgeous. And yes the Kwak is heavier than... the others. mv_agusta_brutale_1000_serie_oro_2018_4k-1440x2560.thumb.jpg.c698424a1f98ee264af557558462b2d7.jpg

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Already have a honda & 701 .. to hoon around on.


No, no, no. We clearly have a misunderstanding... What I meant was: Are you going to buy me one so I can review it for you?

plenty of sailors in Bury to help with your misunderstanding ... :booty:

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plenty of sailors in Bury to help with your misunderstanding ... :booty:


True... but I live in Bury St Edmunds and servicemen need to be careful round these parts as they've been known to disappear without trace.

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I mean, the mv is gorgeous. And yes the Kwak is heavier than... the others. mv_agusta_brutale_1000_serie_oro_2018_4k-1440x2560.jpg


That looks like a Bandit 600 with an aftermarket LED headlight.


I guess all naked do kinda look the same from the front, plus the headlight, yes.

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