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Empty laybys


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To follow on from @Pie man's post 


I found an empty layby the other night! as well as empty roads! 


I do like it when football is on as it makes for a good ride :cool: 


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2 minutes ago, NeilM said:

You want to be careful stopping in laybys dressed in leather....


I will get accused of dogging again :roll: 

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Out before 07:15 home 09:30 Another Layby over at the Cat n Fiddle (if you're in the area, don't bother going over, a large section is being surfaced with loose chippings, the cheapest and crappiest way of surfacing IMO). I would give it a few weeks until the sweeper has picked up the loose chippings, if there is ever such a day. 




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My favourite lay by is located between Beverly and Hornsea.  It is quite secluded and is my regular pee stop if I have miscalculated my timings 

Will supply pictures on my next stop.

Not the urination bit you understand. 

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4 minutes ago, Mr Fro said:

Do you want me to send you a marker pen so you can tone it down a notch?


No thanks! 


Its so everyone can see I am far superior than them :D 

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A ride to somewhere different, an un-scheduled stop for a picture of the Pontypandy Aqueduct or whatever its called, its the highest and longest canal aqueduct in Great Britain. Then on to Barmouth, the place was packed, quick snap on the front and off I went. Just over 280 miles, some glorious roads on the way back, until I hit the M56. 😂

Took the A49 - A483 - A539 - A5 - A494 - A496 - A4212 - B4501 - B5105 - A494 


In keeping with my Sh1te photography, a couple of pics below 🤣 





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This is one of my favourite pics and it just so happens to be in a lay-by. 
I had passed my test 5 months before this was taken. As it was new to me I would ride almost all year round at the time. It was bloody cold that day, but hey, I got a great photo. 



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